Sunday, October 2, 2011

untitled 14

There are thing is
Never happened but I don't have many example I could point to
So you say everything the way you see it
And you speak the truth for two an you see the world better than me
and you are slightly smarter even though I don't know nothing.

I rember
And I keep on

To that club I am a member
Tha is all sometime the world doesn't resemble anything
on days like those you just
try to wear a nice shirt
and the girl who turns her head is never looking at you
But you don't mind cause you can pretend
and you havent seen family in the longest while
but that is allright because there's always
around when your drunk
around when your alone
around while your doing laundry or lying down
or tying your shoe
They know
And you still keep it all a secret.

live and die the same way baby.
Like a fucken rocket blown up or coming down one way or another.

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