Monday, March 21, 2016

huey lewis and the

on tv they all look like they are gonna make it.
so I keep changing channels until
it looks like they aren't gonna make it.

But after awhile,
channel after channel
it looks like they are gonna make it
no matter how miserable
no matter the odds.

I almost give up,
but then....

I find it the one show
where there is no hope,
where the end is inevitable
where everyone on the show is doomed.

It is
Conservative, Liberal,
local, national, gobal,

It is 24 hours
It is the news

The news is always the same,
we are doomed.

and watch
and make sure when the end does come,
whether it will sunny, partly cloudy or 20% chance of rain.
you know in case you'll need an unbrella.