Sunday, April 19, 2015


let me tell you about the quadrilateral,
its just a fancy smancy way of
saying four sides.

There are two sides to every story, but four is pushing it.

I don't even mean like a square
the perfect little square
all over achieving and shit.

no the quadrilateral sounds like a french word,
and you don't want the french all up in your shapes and shit.

Let me tell you about the quadrilateral,
its just a stuck up shape,
thinking its better than everybody,
yeah rhombus
the quadrilateral thinks its better than you.

Shammm shammm

let loose the goose let looooose the gooooose.

Tell them all that the penguin can not fly that the ostrich will not soar.

Tell them because they dont' know.

They think they know the ostrich they they know the penguin.

But if this about the truth,

But what do the really know they don't even know themselves.