Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm watching a movie
about giants

all teh physics have explained that
gravity makes it impossible
for giants to stand

Fuck that

yeah fuck gravity

I like my gaints
doing giant bullshit

break shit gaints
break shit


Chuga Chuga
Boom Boom

people all over the world
join hands.

Race is still an issue
some denying  all relevance to the politics of today
some finding conflict in it, looking for a fight

one looking to be right

but right about what
about who
about what

the politics of 
race is not on any
track going in one direction

it is a million diffrent events
happening individually
going in all directions

Chuga Chuga
Boom Boom

love will save us all
just close your eyes you'll see

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My life is going to hell
and I blame you as if you knew what you doing.

You didn't,
which was the problem.

My life is gioing to hell
but i wouldn't you suffer with me.

Your insane and you made me insane.

togerhter we are insane.

You know how to survive and i don't
together we make a whole.

but my life is gionig to hell
and I can't blame you
IMA diggin
 you see,,
ina deep hole
dark hole
so you don't see

I need you,
whethere its god in a females

or god in her

a mother's love
not the
love my mother gave me.

Ima diggin a hole
like a grave,
where the last of my hope
is to be buried.

I love you self.
Help me out this hole i am in
when I look up I see light.

Ina hole
looking for this buired tresuarse.

Ina hole
half way to china,
with so many people maybe theyll have someone trying to find me too.