Sunday, October 2, 2011

untitled 15

hang me
on your wall
like something
like someone
 you cared to look
at for a minuet or two
like something
like someone you'd
want to hang

untitled 14

There are thing is
Never happened but I don't have many example I could point to
So you say everything the way you see it
And you speak the truth for two an you see the world better than me
and you are slightly smarter even though I don't know nothing.

I rember
And I keep on

To that club I am a member
Tha is all sometime the world doesn't resemble anything
on days like those you just
try to wear a nice shirt
and the girl who turns her head is never looking at you
But you don't mind cause you can pretend
and you havent seen family in the longest while
but that is allright because there's always
around when your drunk
around when your alone
around while your doing laundry or lying down
or tying your shoe
They know
And you still keep it all a secret.

live and die the same way baby.
Like a fucken rocket blown up or coming down one way or another.

Untitled 13

All good
things  come to those who
and time never fly by.
I've tasted wine turned sour by

like this town.
this place. This dump
It has expired
like an old suit
patched on the elbow and
torn at the knee.
but no longer
of any use.
"opportunity knocks
this is
my last chance
to escape
this humdrum town
to another place

Untitled 12

I said love,
I said forever
      I said the
words but
even honey
brings bees
with pointed
tails aimed
at me.

untitled 11

all the if and why's
i like to think about
teh sometimes and the then's and the slightly
are the things
i'll keep
in a scrapbook..
it keeps you young
and pretty
even if the pictures
they are only of
shoulders wrists and ankels
the sighs of relief
disbelief and
all make sense
but only rarely
and only at night

when there
is no sound
only then can you hear it clearly

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Untitled 10

New age
new day
and today is still a long way
from a New Year

all really
selfish things vanish because
they finally decide to vacation

I've called you many names
many times
the names have held worship
and many times hey have condemned
many times I've
called us many
different things
none of them proud to walk
the streets alone
many names for so many
different lives
but always  you have answered to
 these names

I called in hope
that this at least might build character
but I usually am
This time it just seems to go nowhere
The place where I met you and the place where you
left me.

Death to the liars
the cheaters the selfish
and arrogant.
Death to them all except
for me.

Nine dollars is
what I need

I have all but Eight
and there are worse spots to be in.

Untitled 9

I was placed by random chance
in a place far far from
my own bed.
She too was placed
down a hallway
down a way
down my way

how the words
fell out of my mouth.

Untitled 8

It all went to his head.

(more than usual
and hart to ditinguish from

He began to become
what I think he has always
a little man with 

untitled 7

The way i see it
everybody is a victim
Each tale
falls heavy with a sigh
and plea for
some great reward.

like only they know how

untitled 6

Alone and other 
 scary words 
Her step louder 
than when she 
came in

The faster  you go ,
the faster you go.

untitled 5

She tells
me your moving
out of town
to somewhere

we were
about how boring
it gets here on
the weekends

especially when you've
seen the matinee
twice already.
or how the old
tire swing by the creek is gone.
(decayed by time )
but that's ok because the creek isn't
safe to swim in anymore  anyways.

She told me you
were moving to
somewhere quite
after I mentioned
you were the
only one left
who was fun.

untitled 5

In the beginning
the hole
in the

was empty
dry and

waiting for the rain
to whisper promises.
to drain-

My Ear is
a hole in my head.

untitled 4

I waited by the
(it rang but
someone I hated was on the other line

This however is not
the part that i will not find
  Amusing at the
final judgement
it is that
i am still
don't mind

untitled 3

This girl was like a poem
at first the
words worked


my six pensse
and piece
of mind.

I never said
There are  sometimes
no novel
way of convincing someone.

untitled 2

She called
my name once
in awhile
and then decided
to forget
the syllables
all the letters sounds
no longer making any sense

Untitled 1

it falls from the sky
      it always does
      that's the way
  god built it to do

if and when and if
    the astrological
answers are in that place
  that sky
         it is easier
  to train them to jump through
      hoops of fire than to
      teach please or thank you

      things go down
                from the sky
         straight down.
        the star will fall
from the sky because
the words in the night have all
       been edited
between then and now.