Sunday, December 21, 2014

all this way to see a dog

bad sad mad

mad sad bad

sad sad

mad mad

if its uncondtional anything you want get a dog.
I saw a small dog today.
It was not mine.
I loved it anyway.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

aqua aqua aqua

what do we like said the aqu aqau

they say we are quirky so what it is that is quirky for quirkys sake.
not for my sake not for your sake.

Oh they say many things about how your tied to the stars by strings.
and the the way you will love fail or love or fail or love

is tied to the strings of the stars.

I don't want to know then,
I don't want to know if the stars know if ya love me or hate me.

I want to blame it on something else
I don't want to see it coming
I don't want to wanna know

aqua aqua can love the crab the scale the lion the fish the Ronnettes and the queen of england
aqua aqua can love anyone.

Huh heh

Rumours so many sos many so many

Many Many Many Many...

There after the birthday
after the candeles go out.

What was that wish again.

what what what what.

what do you want. Iknow what i want

Monday, December 1, 2014

do bo da ba

do boooo daaaa baaa
it is hard to begin to write

it is easy to write
it is not what you say
its how you say it.

go go go go go

there isn't much time to squeeze every word in
don't go don't go don't go.

Wiggle room

Squared root

Crawl space

Crave out a space in your heart.