Saturday, October 1, 2011

Untitled 10

New age
new day
and today is still a long way
from a New Year

all really
selfish things vanish because
they finally decide to vacation

I've called you many names
many times
the names have held worship
and many times hey have condemned
many times I've
called us many
different things
none of them proud to walk
the streets alone
many names for so many
different lives
but always  you have answered to
 these names

I called in hope
that this at least might build character
but I usually am
This time it just seems to go nowhere
The place where I met you and the place where you
left me.

Death to the liars
the cheaters the selfish
and arrogant.
Death to them all except
for me.

Nine dollars is
what I need

I have all but Eight
and there are worse spots to be in.

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