Monday, March 12, 2018

disaster cake show

The show is about making a cake wreck-
total disaster
smash smash

bake that cake 
for goodness sake,
bake bake bake

bleed if you must
into the crust
bleed if your cut that hand
bleed if you cant understand

The judge wears big glasses
the better to see your disaster with
The French chef is french
the better to punk your ass with
The judge is looking for a boyfriend
the better to be better in this or any weahter.

Show me your wreck
show me your apocolypse
Show me your smash smash

Show me

Friday, December 22, 2017


The news says Jakarta is sinking,
its in Indonesia.

There were a couple of pictures,
of some cranes, digging

and a picture of a couple of kids
around some thing collapesed

My heart wants to save them.
I am helpless to save them
I am helpless to save me
I am too poor to save them
I am too poor to save myself.

I can only love them

Forgive me Jakarta,
my love can not save me either.

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Great Fire of 17

The winds came and with it
gave life to the fire or 17

it took
and took

Schools closed down
Work closed down

The mountains
stood their ground
the wind pushed

at first one
then two
then three

there were fires the size of New York

But celebrities began to lose
as the poor began to lose....

When the rich lose
like the poor lose

let them mourn together
let them weep together
let them be equal finally
not only in the eyes
of the fire
of the lord
but each other

Saturday, August 26, 2017

All the way

I can see all the way from here.

seems pretty far, from here.

I can see myself there, 
from here.

Lets go I say,
but you got things to do.

Lets go I say 
but nobodys around

Lets go 
 I say to myself...

I can see all the way from ..
 it will still be there tomorrow.

Yes it will be there....tomorrow.
It always be there tomorrow.
but its go time!

Because  lord oh lord
I may not a be here tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

za za

ra shum ra shum  ra shum
der gobbilty gook

za za za za

babac babac

sam sam sam

za za za za

...once more from the top...

Monday, October 31, 2016

Punk Rock like

Punk rock like iggy pop
punk punk

a punk rocker
like broken glass
like a beatin from a bat
like the smell of the alleyway

punk punk
like iggy pop

some girl kept saying iggy pop wasn't punk
used words like proto this or that

saying this or
that while

the music the music
raged and howeled
broken like an arm or

the blood still flowed
from  the kind of
cuts and wounds
you can't see

and the scars remained
just the same
punk rock like
like on the body of iggy pop

Monday, March 21, 2016

huey lewis and the

on tv they all look like they are gonna make it.
so I keep changing channels until
it looks like they aren't gonna make it.

But after awhile,
channel after channel
it looks like they are gonna make it
no matter how miserable
no matter the odds.

I almost give up,
but then....

I find it the one show
where there is no hope,
where the end is inevitable
where everyone on the show is doomed.

It is
Conservative, Liberal,
local, national, gobal,

It is 24 hours
It is the news

The news is always the same,
we are doomed.

and watch
and make sure when the end does come,
whether it will sunny, partly cloudy or 20% chance of rain.
you know in case you'll need an unbrella.